Not since ever has the “Seattle” version of the Air Jordan 10 been released to the public. Originally part of the Air Jordan 10 “City” Pack back in 1995, the “Seattle” Air Jordan 10 is one of the last remaining colorways from that pack to finally make its way towards a general release. It only took Nike, or Jordan Brand—depending on how specific you really want to be in aiming your indignation—20+ plus years to FINALLY give us something we wanted. Along with Seattle, the Air Jordan 10 “City” Pack was a nod to other noteworthy cities such as New York, Orlando, Sacramento, and of course, Chicago; with the “Sacramento” colorway being the remaining pair from that pack that has yet to be released. And allegedly, there are rumors out there that the “Chicago” colorway was originally intended to be a Miami “Heat” PE.

Why were these particular cities chosen? Well, at the time, Michael Jordan was still playing baseball, and Nike needed to still market the Air Jordan 10 via the basketball court. So the Swoosh enlisted a few up and coming NBA players to rock the model to help generate some buzz around the shoe. Mitch Richmond of the Sacramento “Kings”—although he never wore the official “Black/Purple” pair from the pack, he did wear a “White/Black-Purple” PE version. Hubert Davis of the New York “Knicks”. Yep……… Penny WAS slated to rock the “Orlando” Air Jordan 10, but, because he was in the middle of establishing his own signature line, the honor was passed on to Nick Anderson of the Orlando “Magic”. The “Chicago”, or “Miami”, colorway was first worn by Harold Miner, giving credence to the notion that it was originally intended to acknowledge “the 305”. But ultimately B.J. Armstrong is given the official distinction for that colorway, although Scottie Pippen did also wear them once rumors began to swirl that Mike was heading back to basketball. And of course, MJ wore them upon his return to the NBA, which made almost everyone immediately forget anyone else who wore that same colorway. And lastly, Kendall Gill was charged with rocking this upcoming “Seattle” PE.

But let’s be honest. The Air Jordan 10 is one of the more basic, and subtle, models from the signature line. The highlight of this shoe is on the outsole, the part no one sees while they’re being worn. When you look back and realize that it’s the predecessor to the Air Jordan 11. Do you remember who performed before Michael Jackson on “Motown 25”? Didn’t think so! But at least people remember the Air Jordan 10 without having to “Google” it.

The “Seattle” Air Jordan 10 pays homage to the Seattle “Supersonics”—now known as the Oklahoma City “Thunder”—and comes with an all leather upper, mostly “White”, with “Black” leather serving as a contrast around the top border and along the laces and tongue. The leather quality looks nice in pictures. It’s a whole different story once you get the product in hand. My advice? Remain cautiously optimistic. But then again, this would be a pair that Jordan Brand would put more effort into in regards to quality, especially since this is the first time it’s ever been retro. But again, I stress “cautious optimism”.

The sock liner is “Kelly Green” with a “Black” insole. The words “Nike Air” are screen printed in “White” on the heel. The midsole is black, with the outsole giving us that iconic striped contrast of colors. “Kelly Green” and “Black”, along with a “Yellow Gold” Jumpman on the heel.

The “Seattle” Air Jordan Retro 10 will be available this Saturday, October 19th, on the Nike SNKRS app—and anywhere else resellers can exploit—for $190.