In a world of retros, one sneaker will attempt to rise above the rest and achieve “Air Jordan” like status. Lol, Not sure if they’ll reach that level, but I can’t blame them for trying. There’s nothing wrong with second place in that regard. Jordan has the benefit of nostalgia to carry his signature line. We remember the iconic moments he wore in his shoes. The “Banned” 1s. The “Dunk Contest” 3s. “The Last Shot” 14s. Etc. Because of the era LeBron has played in, there’s million different PEs that a player will play in over the course of one season. Very rarely do they wear the colorways that we, the public, see in-store. Even when they do wear the GR colorways, they aren’t worn long enough to hold any nostalgic value. The nostalgia, if there even is any, is produced from our side of things. How we got our hands on them and what was going on in our lives at the time of purchase.

Either way, no matter who’s on top of the retro totem pole, we’re the REAL winners. The LeBron 7 is that rare example of a relatively, modern day sneaker holding some Air Jordan-like nostalgic value. At the end of the day, most people in the sneaker community just want dope sneakers. Nothing less, and nothing more. Whether it’s something new, and innovative, or it’s something older that once was, just give us some dopeness to rock on our feet. And this “Red Carpet” LeBron 7 delivers just that. I should also mention that it’s also no coincidence that the LeBron 7 just so happens to be the first Nike LeBron signature model created by sneaker design legend, Jason Petrie. Check his resume, he garners the same level of “respeck” as a Tinker Hatfield in the game. And he’s neither finished or done.

The much anticipated “Red Carpet” Nike LeBron 7s return TODAY October 29th, at select retailers,, and on the Nike SNKRS app for $200. Good luck.