I’m a
 sucka for red sneakers. Now that doesn’t mean that I love every sneaker that has an all-red colorway, there are some exceptions. But if it’s all red, its off to a good start with me. 

The Nike LeBron 17 is a dope silhouette all on its own. Combine that with the  and it makes for one of the best—if not the best—sneakers of 2019. I’m still trying to grasp the concept of the Nike “Knitposite” and what its function is compared to the likes of Nike’s “Battleknit”, but aesthetically, I have absolutely no gripes. Granted, the LeBron 15s, 16s, and 17s could pass as siblings, but I wont hold it against them. The LeBron 17 is an example of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” in terms of the signature line’s continued use of the articulated outsole outfitted with maximum volume Zoom Air units. And speaking of “maximum volume”, the LeBron 17 has the largest heel Max Air unit that Nike has ever designed on a sneaker. Making this one of the most comfortable basketball performance sneakers on the market, if not ever. 

The ONLY issue with the LeBron 17 is the tongue. It requires some work tying and unlacing your shoe underneath that shroud, but we’ve seen worse. And aesthetically, the design of the tongue shroud is pretty dope. It varies from colorway to colorway, with this version taking a more subtle approach compared to the “Future Air” colorway. You have the crowned lion stitched at the top, all in red. Below that is where it differs. On the right shoe you have “2317” stitched in red—an obvious nod to his jersey number and to this model’s number in his Nike Basketball signature line—and on the left shoe you have “LRJBBZ” also stitched in red—which combines his initials with that of his children. On the insole, playing of the whole “Red Carpet” theme, there’s a cinematic MPPA rating on the heel of the insole in white. 


The Nike LeBron 17 “Red Carpet” will be available TODAY, November 15th, at select Nike Basketball retailers and on the Nike SNKRS app.