This weekend is NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago, Illinois. It’s also the release of Nike’s “All-Star” Collection. And I gotta say, with the exception of the PG 4, this year’s collection is probably one of the better one’s we’ve seen in a while; highlighted by what I consider to be Nike’s nominee for sneaker of the year, the Adapt BB 2.0. 

The Adapt BB 2.0 is the newest evolution in Nike’s powerlaceline of sneakers. Judging from the trajectory of their design, it seems as if Nike is headed in the right direction. First, it was about just getting the technology out there before their competitors could. (Do you honestly think that the original Hyperadapt would’ve been Nike’s first choice if they weren’t engaged in a theoretical sneaker nuclear arms race?) Then it became about functionality on display, aka, making it functional enough for professional athletes to wear while performing their sport, which in turn provides the best marketing you could ever do for a sneaker, especially a sneaker within the vein of sports performance. And now, it’s all about style. 

Now let’s be honest, the Adapt BB 2.0 is more novelty than necessity. But we’re sneakerheads, we’re not known for our practicality. If we can turn heads in it and become the center of attention, sign us up. The shoes have lights and a loud motor for a reason. But I’m not complaining. I spent the early part of this paragraph describing myself in a sense. I know what I’m about. And I know that Nike has spent a considerable amount of time understanding what people like me are all about. Having your laces tighten and loosen via your cell phone is cool, but it’s not enough to generate unsolicited attention unless someone is looking right at your feet. But you can’t ask for attention, you have to get it without looking like your trying, almost as if you don’t even want it. But you do………… Scratch that. WE do. 

But to the actual shoes themselves, they look amazing. They look like a futuristic version of the Batmobile. Nike got it right with this first colorway. I guess it’s fitting that it’s done in black, red, and white seeing that NBA All-Star weekend is being held in Chicago, home of the Chicago Bulls. What I think is an improvement over the Adapt BB 2.0’s predecessor is the exposed lacing system. On the previous version, the shroud over the upper damn near covered up everything, so you couldn’t really see the power laces in full effect. With this newer version, the laces are exposed near the top half of the shoe, allowing everyone to see the technology in all its glory. 

I personally think that the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is the best sneaker out of their “All-Star” Collection. I’d go a step further and say it’s the best release of the year so far, especially considering how Nike/Jordan Brand decided to release the “New Beginnings” Pack. But I’ll save that rant for another post. While I have yet to try on a pair, I’ve heard its cushioning is a massive upgrade from the previous version, fully equipped with Nike Zoom on the forefront of the shoe. And the tongue sticks out more when the laces are loosened, making it easier to put them on. Outside of individual budgets, or personal preference, I see no reason not to get this shoe this weekend.

Now Nike did do a shock drop the other day, however, the official release of the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “OG” is still scheduled for this Sunday, February 16th. They will retail for $400 on the Nike SNKRS app and on Good luck….